Reversible Vest Imitation Shirt Dress


VICTORIA/TOMAS Spring/Summer’21


SIDE A: This is a mid-length yellow dress, its run starts at her slightly round neck and ends a little before her knees. It is fluid, twirling thanks to its bottom cut in the shape of a round drape. She’s not a fan of zips, she prefers the simplicity of the buttons that allow her dress to kiss along its length. Its sleeves are long, and hide your arms, barely noticeable behind the yellow fabric. 

SIDE B: This is a mid-length yellow cotton dress, its cut is in a draped spiral, it is fluid, light and adorned with yellow linear patterns. Once again, no need for a zip, buttons will do, it’s yellow on yellow and the sleeves are short. It is completed with four top to bottom pockets and a belt at the waist. She will be chic at work, yet comfortable. 

SIDE A: 100% Cotton;

SIDE B: 96% Viscose/ 4% Elastane

SIDE A: Total length 37 cm ( 14,5'' inches ), shoulder 18,5 cm ( 7,2'' inches ), sleeve length 27,5 cm ( 10,8'' inches )

SIDE B: Back length 47 cm ( 18'' inches ), sides 55 cm ( 21,6'' inches )

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